It All Started With A Transatlantic Move

The idea for Keep or Toss came when one of the founders, Moira Dennis, was moving from London to San Francisco. A dear friend came over and helped her purge her closet which was an emotional and exhausting process. Going forward, she wanted a way to maintain her closet and control her shopping habits. After finding that the average woman doesn’t wear 70% of the clothing in her closet, she knew she wasn’t alone and Keep or Toss was born.

Moira shared her idea with her best friend, Sara, who immediately jumped on board. As they moved through the development process (flushing out the idea, creating a team of partners, building the app) they realized that this app could become more than just a function for a closet clean. Together they have set out to create a supportive and useful social platform that serves all fashion decisions:  what to keep and toss but also, what to buy next based on what is currently in your closet, help with purchasing decisions, and, as we grow, having influencers and stylists style pieces in your wardrobe, vote on your wardrobe, and even pack for you. 

Our hope is that through the process of using Keep or Toss, our community will be more thoughtful about what they buy, adding pieces that they will love and wear instead of pieces that will be worn once and then take up space. We want our community to have the ultimate closet: one that is stylish and functional. 

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Co-Founders Moira and Sara.












Eye On Sustainability

Addressing The Problem At The Source

We are focused on partnering with companies to heal the fashion industry’s contribution to the environmental crisis. On the consumer side, we are creating a supportive community that will be more conscious about their purchases Рmaking better choices = purchasing less. We are also tackling the issue of overproduction at the source by connecting brands with consumers to test their samples and take pre-orders before putting pieces into production. Smarter, more informed production will lead to less waste which is at the core of the environmental problem that the fashion industry has been creating. We are on a mission to dramatically reduce the waste in the fashion industry.